Textile Design

Creating a Custom Textile

When it comes to sewing, I’m typically more inclined to create costumes rather than practical clothing. So I decided that if I was going to create a piece of everyday clothing, it had to have the creative aspect of costuming that I love. I wanted to start from scratch, and create a custom textile that was fun, and reflected my love of anatomy and natural history. A little while back I had created a dinosaur skull tapestry, and decided to use this drawing as inspiration for my pattern.


This drawing was made using Micron pens on a canvas, originally created for a tapestry art piece. I traced my pen drawing in Photoshop, and created a pattern that could be tiled to create the fun dinosaur print.


The textile design was then uploaded to Spoon Flower, where I was able to customize the scale and fabric type.

I was pretty excited when it arrived!


When the 4 yards of cotton fabric arrived with every bone in place, I was ready to start sewing. I had created a skirt pattern to my measurements, and sewed the skirt with the dinosaur print on the outside, and lined it with a soft black cotton on the inside.


After a few fittings, the zipper was placed and the edges were finished. The skirt is now ready to go! And yes, of course it has pockets.