The Companion Whisk


How can an ordinary kitchen tool become transformed into a family experience, you ask? Simple: The Companion Whisk. This whisk was designed with parents and children in mind, promoting the bonding experience of cooking together.

The Companion Whisk is a set of two that provides a fun, comfortable, and mess-reducing experience.  


The Process

Once the target user was selected (in this case families), the first step was to sketch a number of shapes and features that would be desirable for this audience. The whisk had to be ergonomic to both hand sizes, look fun and of course, be practical.  

The next step was to create a series of form studies from foam to explore different grips. 

The curvalinear shape alleviates wrist strain, and allows it to rest easily on the side of the bowl to reduce dripping and mess.  The whisk can also be comfortably held in multiple positions to fit the user's individual needs.


Similarly, the child whisk is also ergonomic, stands up, and can hook onto the side of the bowl.